Monday, March 9, 2015


Amsterdam – for some the fabulous city of fashion, for others world’s famous weed-capital. No matter which kind of person you are, you will surely find it adventures and will understand why it is the most popular and probably most known city of the Netherlands. Its town canals with its innumerous little bridges are the perfect location for couples seeking a romantic weekend away from home as well as for solitary adventurer who want to discover the vibe of Europe.
Amsterdam just offers a great variety of activities – in fact, there is probably nothing you couldn’t do.

When I visited the city with my mother (who happens to be an incredible person and my best friend in life), we took advantage of the many shopping opportunities in the city center, had lunch at an Italian restaurant close to Museumplein and bought tickets to the world famous "Madame Tussauds". Here some impressions ;)

Later that night we went to the ICEBAR Xtracold, to wrap this day up with a cold drink at a bar consisting of ice. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures there - they probably knew why... It was totally different than we had imagined. We were expecting to come into a "regular bar", entirely made out of ice, with some music and a dance floor to warm yourself up. But unfortunately we had to realize that all they had to offer was actually just a slightly bigger refrigerated storage room. We went in there with a group of other visitors, who all got some warming ponchos and gloves against the cold. The whole experience was guided by an english speaking person, who tirelessly tried to cheer for us, so we would come in the mood for a 15min long party - because that's how long the tour was.

On a positive note I have to say that inside the room, everything really was made out of ice. Every chair, every decoration, the bottles, the glasses and the whole bar were curved out of frozen water. The party included music, two rounds of pep talk, two rounds of shots or beer and a short movie about penguins which turned out to be an advertisement campaign of Heineken. When my mother and I got guided back out, I have to admit we were both a little disappointed. However it is another memory I now share with her and which we will always think back to, when talking about Amsterdam.

So all in all we had a fantastic day in one of the most interesting cities of Europe and I would recommend anyone to come visit!

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