Monday, March 9, 2015


Barcelona is truly one of the greatest cities in Europe. It combines the metropolitan feeling of seeing life at its best, of walking on historical ground beside ancient buildings, of tasting unique Spanish dishes, of breathing the air of the latest trends, together with the opportunity of cultural experiences through various museums, theaters and concert halls. And as a special treat you get to relish all that, while having the appeasing sound of the ocean stroking the endless beaches of this wonderful seaport city.

If you are about to visit Barcelona you NEED TO SEE:

The basilica "La Sagrada Familia"

The "Park Güell" with its impressive and just beautiful architecture

At Plaça d'Espanya you will see the beautiful building of the Museum of National Arts of Catalunya, with its great fountain in front.

The Museum of Dalí is of course a MUST for everyone remotely interested in Art and culture

Also the famous food market "La Boqueria" is definitely a trip worth making! It is in the center of the main pedestrian area on "La Rambla" and offers all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese. If you get to visit Barcelona, don't miss out on this tour of adventure for your senses!

And like just about anything in this city, also the nightlife of Barcelona is something you won't forget.

My advice: put on a cute dress, get your high heels out, go to the beach and enjoy the sunset before going wild in one of Barcelona's amazingly fun nightclubs - you won't regret it!

But go and see for yourself! :)

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